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Ako neznate sta cete sa sobom a zelite da se bavite web dizajnom ovde cete naci dosta tutorijala, skripte, linkove. A za razonodu tu su i pc igrice,filmovi...

    Learn to play SANTANA


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    Datum upisa : 12.03.2009

    Learn to play SANTANA Empty Learn to play SANTANA

    Počalji  cushke.kv Uto Maj 12, 2009 10:48 pm

    Here's your chance to get your hands around the
    riffs and licks that have inspired a legion of guitarists across the
    world, as Stuart Bull gives you a note-by-note guide to five songs by

    With a touch and sense of phrasing that is unmistakable, Carlos Santana
    has long been celebrated as a musician able to take the blues
    vocabulary of the modern rock guitar into new and unusual styles,
    commbining the blues with Afro-Cuban and Latin elements. In this DVD
    tutorial, Bull provides a step-by-step guide to such classic rock
    favourites as Black Magic Woman, Smooth, and the quintessential Santana
    solo Samba Pa Ti.


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